Lichtenberg cluster ready for machine learning


Lichtenberg cluster ready for machine learning

Supporting AI research by extension of the Python programming language and containers

Research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more specifically Machine Learning (ML) is the key issue in computer-aided methods of the last years. To support scientists in their ML and Deep Learning related research on the Lichtenberg cluster, and to attract more users, the Python installation in the module system have been complemented.

To all Python installations in the module system the following packages have been added:

Additionally, Lichtenberg cluster now also supports Singularity containers ( This facilitates external development of programs and workflows (for example on one's own notebook), and then executing it on the Lichtenberg cluster, without having to look after dependencies or differences in development environments.

For more information and consultation regarding the usage of the modules, please contact the Lichtenberg team. (hhlr@hrz.tu-…).

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