Lichtenberg Hochleistungsrechner

Lichtenberg High Performance Computer of TU Darmstadt

Lichtenberg High Performance Computer
Lichtenberg High Performance Computer

At TU Darmstadt, the Lichtenberg High Performance Computer provides computing resources for scientific research for scientists of different Hessian universities.

The multifaceted architecture of the high performance computer allows for flexible and efficient scientific computing, especially for computationally intensive applications. It supports the efficient execution of a variety of existing programs, as well as the development of new parallel programs.

The experts of the “Hessischen Kompetenzzentrum für Hochleistungsrechnen” (Hessian Competence Center for High Performance Computing) will provide for consultancy and scientific support on using the cluster efficiently. The HKHLR also hosts various (regular) workshops on scientific HPC.

The high performance computer has been established in two phases. The first phase has already been installed in 2013, the second phase was installed 2015. In total, the two phases comprise of about 1400 nodes, 35 times the computing power of the old cluster (“HHLR”). In its current configuration, the Lichtenberg cluster has a theoretical peak performance of approximately 1 PFLOP/s.

Funding for the acquisition and and operation is provided by TU Darmstadt, the state of Hesse and the German Federal Government.

Further information can be found under Access, Cluster Usage and Service.


  • 2018/07/01

    Introduction to the Lichtenberg High Performance Computer

    For the (potential) users of the Lichtenberg supercomputer, a monthly introduction will be held in Darmstadt. Subjects are the available hardware and the general use of the (batch) system.

  • 2017/11/24

    Regular Consultation on Project Proposals

    The regular consultation is open to all (potential) users, with all kinds of questions about project proposals for or resources of the Lichtenberg supercomputer.

  • 2019/10/15

    Planned downtime of the Lichtenberg cluster

    from 2019-10-15 8am to probably 2019-10-17 6pm

    Reconstruction works on the water cooling system (control units and pumps) and transfer of all user & project data to the new storage system.

  • 2019/07/30

    Lichtenberg Cluster ist bereit für maschinelles Lernen

    Blick auf den Lichtenberg Cluster

    Unterstützung der KI-Forschung durch Erweiterungen der Programmiersprache Python und Container

    Forschung zu künstlicher Intelligenz (KI), insbesondere zu maschinellem Lernen (ML), ist in der computergestützten Forschung der letzten Jahre das zentrale Thema. Um die Wissenschaftler_innen bei der Deep Learning- und ML-Forschung auf dem Lichtenberg Cluster zu unterstützen und für seine Nutzung zu gewinnen, wurden alle im Modulsystem vorhandenen Python Installationen ergänzt.