Detailed Project Description

For M and L project proposals, you are requested to submit a detailed project description (DPD). This will be the basis for the scientific review. Please keep in mind to describe here your preliminary work regarding HPC, which justifies your resource requirements.
Please also use the current template linked under “Forms/Templates”.

Project report

At the end of the project, a report has to be submitted. This report consists of a general intelligible abstracts which can be written in German or English.
Please use the current template as explained above.

  • This report will be published on the internet, or as a printed report of HPC Hessen. (Therefore printing rights of the pictures should be included.)

Request for a Prolongation

You have to submit a new project proposal.

This request for a prolongation includes the online form and a project report, which is part of the “detailed project description”. For a SMALL project, you have to complete only the formalities, and the project report. For MIDDLE and LARGE projects, the rest of the “detailed project description” is similar to the outline of the original project proposal.
If there are no changes, parts of the proposal can be copied, but should be indicated.
Please use the current template for prolongation as described above.

Review Process

All projects are subject to a technical review by the HRZ. Middle and large projects are objected to an extended technical review, regarding, for example, the scalability of the code. Concerning scientific metrics, the “MIDDLE” projects will be reviewed by two TU Darmstadt experts, for “LARGE” projects one external reviewer from outside TU Darmstadt and one internal one will be consulted. Based on the reviews, the steering committee allocates the resources.

The Guides for Reviews is only available in German language:


The category „Hochleistungsrechner“ within the list „Divisions” as a subcategory of „Hochschulrechenzentrum“ was added to TU Biblio publications.

Please use this category for your Lichtenberg Cluster related research, then your publication will be listed at this list.


Publishing the outcome of research the Lichtenberg cluster has been used for and communicating the role of the HRZ's work enhances public understanding of how we support your research. We thus kindly ask for an acknowledgment of the compute time grant in all your publications:

Calculations for this research were conducted on the Lichtenberg high performance computer of the TU Darmstadt