Project proposal

Project Proposal

For new and follow-up projects, a project proposal has to be submitted.

There are three distinct classes for projects (by amount of requested resources), with different approval procedures:

maximum usage max. 204,000 core-hours per year
= 17,000 core-hours per month
≈ steady use of one 24core node for one year
max. 6,720,000 core-hours per year
= 17,000 to 560,000 core-hours per month
≈ steady use of one island (32 nodes) for one year
max 24,500,000 core-hours per year
= 560,000 to 2,040,000 core-hours per month
≈ steady use of ≈10% of the total capacity of the Lichtenberg cluster
Online standard form yes yes yes
Detailed Project Description -- yes yes
Final / interim report for extension yes yes yes
Technical review yes yes yes
Scientific review -- yes yes
Deadlines -- -- yes
Processing time approx. one week approx. one month Please refer to the deadlines below

SMALL projects are subjected to a technical review only. In general, SMALL projects can also be seen as forerunners for M- and L projects.

MIDDLE and LARGE projects--after being technically reviewed--receive a scientific review by the Advisory Board of the TU Darmstadt. The board has the ultimate say about the proposals and the granted computing time.

The maximum duration of any project (in any class) is one year. After this period, a report has to be submitted. This report is a required part of any request for an extension.


New Projects


  • All project classes: A report of the previous project period is required. For MIDDLE- and LARGE projects, a detailed project description is required. For SMALL projects, only the formalities and section one are required. You can find the most recent template here as docx, tex and pdf.
  • For SMALL projects, upload the report via the Online form, using the last project ID.
  • All project classes: new Online form (new project ID). You can save your input and continue later on at will.
    (example: online form output)

ATTENTION 2019: Please use for all reports and prolongations in 2019 the new template! Reports will be publishesd on HKHLR website!

Final Report

  • All project classes please use one of these templates: docx, tex and pdf. For the final report, only the formalities and section one are required.
  • Upload the PDF via the Online form, using the last project ID. If you have lost your password, send an email to and we will reset it.

ATTENTION 2019: Please use the current templates for all reports and prolongations! Main differences to the old templates in the “Reports” section. Reports will now be published on the HKHLR website!

Hints for all project classes (new and prolongation).

Deadlines – application deadline for L proposals

  • Project start 1st Feb.: deadline 1st Nov. (previous year)
  • Project start 1st May: deadline 1st Feb. (same year)
  • Project start 1st Aug.: deadline 1st May (same year)
  • Project start 1st Nov.: deadline 1st Aug. (same year)