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Access and User Regulations

For accessing the Lichtenberg cluster in relation to a course, you have to follow these instructions:“Lectures and workshops”.

For accessing the Lichtenberg cluster as a scientist, the following is important

1) Project regulations – scientific project evaluation according to the conditions of the steering committee

2) Access – according to the user regulations

Recommendation: In order to have a smooth and efficient start of work with the Lichtenberg-HPC, we advise all new users to attend the “Introduction to the Lichtenberg High Performance Computer” mentioned below.

Deadlines – application deadline for L proposals

  • Project start 1st Feb.: deadline 1st Nov. of the year before
  • Project start 1st May: deadline 1st Feb. (same year).
  • Project start 1st Aug.: deadline 1st May (same year)
  • Project start 1st Nov.: deadline 1st Aug. (same year)

Information for new users

  • 2019/08/06

    HKHLR-Workshop “High Performance Computing in Hessen” (HiPerCH) 11

    Deep Learning, Tools and Fortran Modernization

    The 11th installment of the HiPerCH workshop series takes place at Technical University Darmstadt on September 23-27, 2019. The workshop focuses on Deep Learning on high performance computing clusters, and related tools and languages. In addition, we hold a course on Fortran modernization in cooperation with NAG.

    The HiPerCH workshops are conducted by the Competence Center for High Performance Computing in Hessen (HKHLR). They are targeted at students and scientists from Hessen, Mainz, and Kaiserslautern with interest in programming modern HPC hardware.

  • 2019/07/30

    Lichtenberg Cluster ist bereit für maschinelles Lernen

    Blick auf den Lichtenberg Cluster

    Unterstützung der KI-Forschung durch Erweiterungen der Programmiersprache Python und Container

    Forschung zu künstlicher Intelligenz (KI), insbesondere zu maschinellem Lernen (ML), ist in der computergestützten Forschung der letzten Jahre das zentrale Thema. Um die Wissenschaftler_innen bei der Deep Learning- und ML-Forschung auf dem Lichtenberg Cluster zu unterstützen und für seine Nutzung zu gewinnen, wurden alle im Modulsystem vorhandenen Python Installationen ergänzt.

  • 2019/07/23

    Storage Migration Downtime of the HHLR 2019-07-23/24

    For a major storage migration inside the Lichtenberg Cluster, a two-day maintenance has been scheduled from Tuesday, 23rd to Wednesday, 24th of July 2019. Neither the compute nodes nor the login nodes will be available.