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Access and User Regulations

General Scientific/Research Usage

For accessing and using the Lichtenberg cluster as a scientist, the following is necessary:

1) Project : A project must be set up to which the computing time used can be billed (booked) for. Please submit a Project Application for this purpose.

Usually the project application is submitted by the project manager. Medium and Large projects are scrutinized scientifically (according to the conditions of the computer research advisory board). Small projects will just be checked technically for feasibility.

2) User account: A user account must be activated which is assigned to a project, i.e. the project manager specifies who is assigned to the project. The user account is assigned to exactly one person and is managed via TU-ID. For this purpose, an application for using the high-performance computer must be submitted: Application form

Your user account (2) can be extended even without valid/running project, for you to have access to your research data even after end of a project (eg. to transfer and back up data from the file systems of the HPC to your own storage).

Lectures and workshops

For accessing the Lichtenberg cluster in the context of lectures and courses, please find further details here: Lectures and workshops“.

Recommendation: In order to have a smooth and efficient start when working with the Lichtenberg-HPC, we advise all new users to attend the ”Introduction to the Lichtenberg High Performance Computer" mentioned below.

Deadlines – application deadline for L proposals

  • Project start 1st Feb.: deadline 1st Nov. of the year before
  • Project start 1st May: deadline 1st Feb. (same year).
  • Project start 1st Aug.: deadline 1st May (same year)
  • Project start 1st Nov.: deadline 1st Aug. (same year)

Information for new users

  • 2021/07/13

    Introduction to the Lichtenberg High Performance Computer

    Attendance is free of charge

    For the (potential) users of the Lichtenberg supercomputer, a monthly introduction will be held online. Subjects are the available hardware and software and the general use of the (batch) system.

  • 2021/03/01

    Regular Consultation on Project Proposals

    Due to the current situation, the monthly “open office hours” cannot be held in presence. Please – if a talk is necessary, we can set up a video conference.

  • 2021/09/23

    Lichtenberg: downtime 4. – 10. of October

    Refurbishments on the cooling systems

    Over the week from 4th – 10th. October, the whole HPC cluster will be down and unavailable.

  • 2021/07/19

    New project categories for Medium and Large projects

    As you might know, TU Darmstadt is one of the national HPC centers (NHR) since the beginning of this year [1]. RWTH Aachen University and the TU Darmstadt are together forming NHR4CES [2] to cooperate in the context of NHR [3]. This advances HPC nationwide and secures funding for the next decade. However, this also means, that there will be changes in the way that compute resources are granted and applied for. Regarding Tier 2 project categories („Medium“ and „Large“), we do not differentiate between members from TU Darmstadt and other members of German public or government-approved teaching and research institutions anymore. This means that the project categories “Medium” and “Large” will not be available for new applications anymore. Currently running projects will continue as scheduled. “Small” Projects can be applied for as before.