HKHLR-Workshop "High Performance Computing in Hessen" (HiPerCH) 11


HKHLR-Workshop “High Performance Computing in Hessen” (HiPerCH) 11

Deep Learning, Tools and Fortran Modernization

The 11th installment of the HiPerCH workshop series takes place at Technical University Darmstadt on September 23-27, 2019. The workshop focuses on Deep Learning on high performance computing clusters, and related tools and languages. In addition, we hold a course on Fortran modernization in cooperation with NAG.

The HiPerCH workshops are conducted by the Competence Center for High Performance Computing in Hessen (HKHLR). They are targeted at students and scientists from Hessen, Mainz, and Kaiserslautern with interest in programming modern HPC hardware.

Public talks

• Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting: “Deep Machines That Know When They Do Not Know”

• PD Dr. Olena Linnyk: “What Can Machine Learning Do For My Project”

• Christian Griebel: “New computational resources with Lichtenberg II and the coming DL/ML software environment”

• Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel et al.: “Research in Software-Factory 4.0”

Date: Monday, September 23, and Tuesday, September 24

Module 1: Deep Learning

Date: Monday, September 23, and Tuesday, September 24

Module 2: Fortran Modernization

Date: Wednesday, September 25, and Thursday, September 26

Module 3: R on HPC Systems

Date: Wednesday, September 25

Module 4: Scientific Data Processing with Python

Date: Thursday, September 26

Module 5: Parallel Computing, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Workflows in MATLAB

Date: Friday, September 27

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