New project categories for Medium and Large projects


New project categories for Medium and Large projects

As you might know, TU Darmstadt is one of the national HPC centers (NHR) since the beginning of this year [1]. RWTH Aachen University and the TU Darmstadt are together forming NHR4CES [2] to cooperate in the context of NHR [3]. This advances HPC nationwide and secures funding for the next decade. However, this also means, that there will be changes in the way that compute resources are granted and applied for. Regarding Tier 2 project categories („Medium“ and „Large“), we do not differentiate between members from TU Darmstadt and other members of German public or government-approved teaching and research institutions anymore. This means that the project categories “Medium” and “Large” will not be available for new applications anymore. Currently running projects will continue as scheduled. “Small” Projects can be applied for as before.

As replacement for those categories we introduce two new project classes: “NHR Normal” and “NHR Large”. You can apply via a shared NHR4CES portal ( and the process is very similar to the process we had before.

Normal sized projects will provide resources from 1 million to 8 million core hours, while large projects will provide more than 8 million core hours, up to a maximum of 35 million core hours. All projects are supposed to have a duration of 1 year and undergo a scientific review process. A „call“ for new projects will occur quarterly, with the intention that – for NHR Normal – preliminary resources can be granted quickly, while the final granting decision will be made in conjunction with the final decisions about NHR Large projects by the NHR/NHR4CES panel (meets quarterly). Thus, a belated decrease of computing resources is possible.

The next computing time period in NHR4CES starts on December 1, 2021, and ends on November 31, 2022. Application for this computing time period can be submitted from August 1 until August 31, 2021, 5pm CET. Applications received after this date can only be considered for the next computing time period and no further reminder will be sent.

For “Small” (Tier 3) computing projects the procedure is not changed, but the upper resource limit for them will be changed to 1 million core hours.

Please find more information here:

* TU Darmstadt HPC project website: (update pending)

* NHR4CES website:

We believe that these changes are in the interest of our users and increase the flexibility for computing time projects.

Please contact us in case of any question:

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